A 2-day Nationally Sanctioned PRS Pro-Series match.  The first match of its type in the state of Michigan.  Registration opens May 21st at NOON EST. 

Brought to you by the same team that runs the Wisconsin Barrel Maker Classic, this match will be similarly focused on providing equal parts typical PRS stages, and well thought out, innovative stages like you’ve never shot before.  We strive for every stage to challenge the shooters skills with a precision rifle while remaining enjoyable, and safe. 

Shooters of all skill levels welcome; however, you must be competent enough to accurately and safely engage targets at distance.

Event Information

Match location may be changing, to allow for more shooters and more diverse wind conditions.


September 18-20, 2020


Marksmanship Training Center
N. Pioneer Drive
Lake City, MI


To be announced, dependent upon potential venue change
All sales final, registration transfers must go thru match director prior to September 14th, 2019. No refunds.

Match Schedule

Friday – September 18th

  • 1200 to 1900 check in
  • 1200 to 1700 zero range open

Saturday – September 19th

  • 0700 match briefing
  • 0730 head to stages to begin match
  • 1200 box lunch provided
  • 1700 day 1 results posted

Sunday – July 20th

  • 0700 head to stages to begin match
  • 1430 complete match head to awards tent
  • 1500 Awards ceremony, meal provided

Additional Shooter Information

  • Bottled water provided
  • Porta-potties
  • Beverages/snacks available for purchase
  • Squadding will be set by match director. Squads will have a shooter rotation schedule, matching squad roster number to stage number.
  • Expect to need 200-225 rounds for the match; actual round count will be put out several days before the match.
  • No equipment is off limits unless otherwise noted in match book. Some stages may not permit any additional equipment other than rifle.
  • No refunds.  Registration is transferrable, email must be sent to match director from original shooter registered email account.


Information for lodging will be made available before registration opens.  Please do not book lodging until registering.  As stated before, the venue is subject to change prior to registration opening.


Detailed facilities information will be available shortly before registration opens

Have questions, please reach out via email to Match Director – Nate Whitehead

Check back regularly as questions may be answered and information here will be updated.