INPRC Regional Matches


INPRC is part of the PRS Regional Series. This was formerly called the PRS Club Series.  INPRC will be hosting 1 remaining PRS Regional Series qualifier (August 25th), ALL one-day matches hosted by INPRC earn regional series points.  Others in our region will be hosting PRS Midwest Regional matches, those dates can be found on their website or Facebook group.

It is a choice of yours to pay $40 and register to be a PRS Regional Series member.  If you choose to do so, you'll earn points towards qualifying for the PRS Regional finale.  Also as an incentive, the top three shooters from the Regional Finale get an invitation to the Pro-Series Finale.

To qualify for PRS Regional Series Finale, three things have to happen. Shooters must buy the PRS Regional Series Membership, they must shoot three regional matches, and one of the three must be a Regional Qualifier Match. The details on the qualifier matches have not been ironed out yet. The Finale match will be held at GA Precision's range near Kansas City, on October 27th.

PRS Regional Series has now added a few divisions- DIVISIONS include: Open, Tactical, and Production (these three are EQUIPMENT based), plus Elite, Mil/LE (active only), Junior, Women's, and Senior.  See PRS Rule Book for more details.


The ELITE Division is just a way for shooters to view a separate online listing of their performance against other top shooters in the region. Their ELITE Division scores ONLY come from QUALIFIER matches. ELITE shooters will STILL be competing under Open Division for slots to the Regional Finale and National Pro Series Finale, where only ONE Qualifier match has to be included in your top three scores. They will be able to view their standings on the website under BOTH the Open and Elite groupings.