All matches will be held at Marksmanship Training Center. MTC is located at North Pioneer Road, Lake City, Michigan.

Specific directions and parking information will be posted in the days leading up to the first match in April, check back for more details.

Typical MPRSC match will consist of 80-110 rounds, and 8-12 stages.
Match day schedule:

  • 0730 Registration Begins
  • 0800 - 0830 Zero Range
  • 0840 Match Brief
  • 0900 Range goes hot, match begins at 600 yard line
  • 1230 Range goes cold, move to 1000 yard line
  • 1300 Range goes hot
  • 1630 Range goes cold
  • 1700 Match results announced.

Most matches we'll have food and drink available for purchase.  Upon the conclusion of the match, we'll have awards and an informal gathering at the Highlands club house.

Points at MPRSC will be calculated using the same formula as outlined in the PRS Rule book (top shooter by score receives 100 points, shooters below receive points figured as a percent of their score vs the top shooter).

MPRSC will follow the 2019 PRS Rule Book, some addendums may be made for our specific club and to account for our host range's needs. Any changes will be announced at a later date.  Please familiarize yourself with the rules before competing.

While MPRSC will log scores for the separate divisions for the PRS Regional Series, I cannot promise that any divisional recognition will take place at the club level. It depends on turn-out, and participation for each division. I'll be able to make this determination after we get a few matches into the season.


2019 MPRSC will have a membership available for purchase.  This membership will discern between a casual shooter and a member shooter.  Benefits of being a member shooter will be a MPRSC shirt (light weight, breathable, and blocks UV rays), MPRSC sticker and product discounts including 25% off on MasterPiece Arms products.  We are looking to other industry companies for member discounts as well.

Membership funds raised will go to buying liability insurance first and equipment second.  We are working on purchasing a lot of equipment to make our first year a success.  We have plans this offseason of construction shooting platforms, barricades and purchasing a full target set; many of these investments we're going to look towards industry for support, but we can also make a difference on a member level.  One of the things we'd like to purchase is a moving target system, this will take a lot of memberships.

Also to note, you DO NOT need a MPRSC or PRS membership for shooting regular season MPRSC matches.