MPRSC – August 21, 2021




Format will be decided 8 days prior to the match (two Friday’s prior).  For example,  if the match is Saturday the 9th, format decision will be made on Friday the 1st.  If the match has 55 or less shooters registered at this time, the match will be capped at 55 and it will be one day-long session.  If the match is over 55 shooters, it will be two half day sessions, and limited to 75 shooters.


Be careful to select the right division and category when completing your registration; see the 2021 PRS Rule Book for more information on the divisions and categories.


  • Open – anything up to .30 cal, 3,200 fps max
  • Tactical – .308 Win: 178gr or less, 2800fps or less; .223 Rem: 77gr or less, 3000fps or less
  • Production – unmodified rifle (narrow exceptions apply) and optic less than $2500 MSRP each
  • Gas Gun – AR’s, M1A’s, etc…


  • N/A
  • Junior (18 years or younger at start of season)
  • Lady (female)
  • Military/Law (active ONLY)
  • Senior (55 years or older)

All sales final, registration transfers must go thru match director by 5pm, Thursday prior to match. No refunds.


On the Tuesday prior to the match, registration will close at 6pm and squadding will open at 7pm.   Squadding will close on the Thursday prior to the match, at 5pm.


Click here for more information on our regular season matches:


ATTENTION: All products come from one of two categories- Michigan or Wisconsin. Items from both categories cannot be purchased at the same time. If you are attempting to purchase items from both the MI and WI categories at the same time, the MI category items will drop off due to site software. Please checkout these product categories separately.