WPRSC – APRIL 4, 2020


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  • Open (anything up to .30 cal, 3,200 fps max)
  • Tactical (.308 and .223 calibers) https://apoteketgenerisk.com/
  • Production (unmodified rifle less than $2k, optic less than $2k)


  • N/A
  • Junior (18 years or younger)
  • Lady (female)
  • Military/Law (active)
  • Senior (55 years or older)

* please follow 2020 PRS Rule Book for further clarification on divisions and categories.

All sales final, registration transfers must go thru match director by Friday prior to match. No refunds.

Click here for more information on our regular season matches: https://prschallenge.com/wprsc/about-wprsc/


  • Division - Open

    No equipment restrictions except the over-all .30cal and 3200fps (+1%) limits.

  • Division - Tactical

    Restricted to the long standing military and law enforcement cartridges:

    .308/7.62x51mm with projectile weight of 178gr or less and velocity of 2800fps or less (+1% environmental consideration).

    .223/5.56mm with projectile weight of 77gr or less and velocity of 3000fps or less ( +1% environmental consideration).

  • Division - Production

    Price is limited to $2500 MPRSC for rifle and $2000 MSRP for optic. Rifle is not permitted to be significantly modified, which means it must not have been worked over by a gunsmith, must have the original trigger, stock/chassis, barrel, and all other major parts. Grips, brakes, bottom metal and other accessories are not restricted. For more information, see PRS rules section 3.2 (https://www.precisionrifleseries.com/static/media/uploads/2020_prs_rulebook.pdf)

  • Division - Gas Gun

    Identical to Open division, except limited to semi-auto rifles only.

    NOTE: A shooter with a semi-auto rifle may choose to compete in any of the “bolt gun” divisions (Open, Tac, Production) instead of the Gas Gun Division, so long as they are otherwise qualified for that division.  However, a shooter cannot compete in more than one division in a single match.

  • Category - Juniors

    Anyone 18 years old or younger at the start of the season is eligible to shoot in the Juniors Category in addition to their PRS Division.

  • Category - Seniors

    Anyone over the age of 55 is eligible to shoot in the Seniors Category in addition to their PRS Division.

  • Category - Ladies

    All female shooters are eligible to shoot in the Ladies Category in addition to their PRS Division.

  • Category - Military / Law Enforcement

    Any shooter who is a full time Active Duty Service Member or Full Time LEO is eligible to shoot in the Mil/LE Category in addition to their PRS Division. Full and/or part time National Guard/Reserve competitive shooting teams that are sanctioned by their respective military branches qualify to compete under the MIL/LE PRS Category.

    Contractor, civilian or specialty type employment for both MIL/LE will not qualify a shooter in the category.

    National Guard and Reserves, not on full-time active duty orders (title 10 / title 32), and not on a sanctioned shooting team do not qualify for Mil/LE category. Neither do veterans or retirees.

  • Equipment - What equipment is required?

    There isn’t much by way of required equipment.  At the most basic level, you will need a rifle and bipod, with a scope having externally adjustable target/tactical turrets, and ideally, a reticle designed for measured, accurate holds, plus two magazines.  Good drop and wind data is required, and you’ll also need 90-230 rounds of ammunition depending on the particular match you are shooting.

  • Equipment - What equipment is not allowed?

    Aside from restrictions to the specific divisions, the only limitations are on cartridge/caliber and velocity.  PRS rules state the rifle must be .30cal or less, with a velocity of 3200fps or less.  Velocity may be tested at any point during a match.

  • Equipment - Is my current equipment good enough?

    When you’re just starting off in shooting matches, if you have a set-up that will meet the minimum requirements, then yes- it is all good enough. You need to be able to accurately engage targets out to 1000 yards; to do that, you only need a reasonably accurate rifle and ammunition, and a scope with target / tactical turrets, in just about any modern centerfire rifle cartridge.

    The primary issue that could make a set-up which otherwise falls into those minimum requirements problematic is lack of a detachable magazine.
    You can absolutely shoot a match with an internal magazine, but it will quickly become a point of annoyance since nearly ever stage will exceed your magazine capacity. Ideally, you arrive to a match with at least two 10 round capacity magazines. Lower capacity magazines are fine, but you’ll need spares.

  • Attending - Who can compete?

    Virtually anyone.  Matches will have different requirements when it comes to minors competing (check with Match Director for anyone below age 16), but otherwise the only real requirement is a minimum of proficiency in which to engage targets at distance, safely.