We receive many questions regarding what the Precision Rifle Series is, the various divisions, categories, classifications, memberships, match formats, and match levels.  It is easy to simply point the interested individual to the PRS Website here and say “if you have any questions after reading, let me know”.  But while the PRS site contains a wealth of knowledge on everything related to the organization, and their staff are quick to answer questions, we would like to provide a sort of short-cut to get the basics answered quickly, and support our shooters directly.


At the individual club level of the Regional series, specific categories may not receive club specific tracking and acknowledgement. This is most often due to low turn-out in many of the categories. These categories are still tracked and reported to PRS to use on the Regional Series level, for proper recognition in Region wide performance.

Category: Categories

Any international shooter (not a resident of the US) that chooses to compete in the US/CA PRS Pro-Series. Not to be confused with the International Series, but a shooter may participate in both.

Note: Qualification for this category is based upon residency, NOT citizenship. If you have residency in the US, regardless of citizenship, you do not qualify to compete in the International Category.

Category: Categories

Anyone 18 years old or younger at the start of the season is eligible to shoot in the Juniors Category in addition to their PRS Division.

Category: Categories

Anyone over the age of 55 is eligible to shoot in the Seniors Category in addition to their PRS Division.

Category: Categories

All female shooters are eligible to shoot in the Ladies Category in addition to their PRS Division.

Category: Categories

Any shooter who is a full time Active Duty Service Member or Full Time LEO is eligible to shoot in the Mil/LE Category in addition to their PRS Division. Full and/or part time National Guard/Reserve competitive shooting teams that are sanctioned by their respective military branches qualify to compete under the MIL/LE PRS Category.

Contractor, civilian or specialty type employment for both MIL/LE will not qualify a shooter in the category.

National Guard and Reserves, not on full-time active duty orders (title 10 / title 32), and not on a sanctioned shooting team do not qualify for Mil/LE category. Neither do veterans or retirees.

Category: Categories
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