We receive many questions regarding what the Precision Rifle Series is, the various divisions, categories, classifications, memberships, match formats, and match levels.  It is easy to simply point the interested individual to the PRS Website here and say “if you have any questions after reading, let me know”.  But while the PRS site contains a wealth of knowledge on everything related to the organization, and their staff are quick to answer questions, we would like to provide a sort of short-cut to get the basics answered quickly, and support our shooters directly.


Identical to Open division, except limited to semi-auto rifles only.

NOTE: A shooter with a semi-auto rifle may choose to compete in any of the bolt gun divisions instead of the Gas Gun Division, so long as they are otherwise qualified for that division.  However, a shooter cannot compete in more than one division in a single match.

Category: Divisions

Restricted to the long standing military and law enforcement cartridges:
.223/5.56mm with projectile weight of 77gr or less and velocity of 3000fps or less ( 30fps environmental consideration).


.308/7.62×51 with a projectile weight of 178gr or less, and velocity of 2800fps or less (28fps environmental & equipment consideration).

Category: Divisions

Price is limited to $2500 MPRSC for rifle and $2000 MSRP for optic. Rifle is not permitted to be significantly modified, which means it must not have been worked over by a gunsmith, must have the original trigger, stock/chassis, barrel, and all other major parts. Grips, brakes, bottom metal and other accessories are not restricted. For more information, see PRS rules section 3.2 ( köpa priligy.pdf)

Category: Divisions

No equipment restrictions except the over-all .30cal and 3200fps limits.

Category: Divisions
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