We receive many questions regarding what the Precision Rifle Series is, the various divisions, categories, classifications, memberships, match formats, and match levels.  It is easy to simply point the interested individual to the PRS Website here and say “if you have any questions after reading, let me know”.  But while the PRS site contains a wealth of knowledge on everything related to the organization, and their staff are quick to answer questions, we would like to provide a sort of short-cut to get the basics answered quickly, and support our shooters directly.


Precision Rifle Steel Challenge is simply a multi-state, multi-club cooperative, who coordinate match schedules to minimize conflict with share shooters, team up to support each other with sponsor recruitment, and assist in match planning and execution. Clubs represented are:
Wisconsin Precision Rifle Steel Challenge (WPRSC)
Michigan Precision Rifle Steel Challenge (MPRSC)
Indiana Precision Rifle Challenge (INPRC)

MPRSC and WPRSC extensively cooperate on match planning, particularly in regard to our Pro-Series matches, and our club finales. All four clubs have come together to coordinate the Great Lakes Shootout; a four state grudge match to see who has the best shooters

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The Precision Rifle Series is the preeminent rifle organization in the world, structuring a yearly points race for both the PRS Pro Bolt Gun Series and the PRS Regional Series. The PRS Championship Shooting Series is synonymous with precision rifle shooting. The PRS is home to countless competitors including 6,000 active PRS shooters with scores being tracked. The PRS unites the 40 most renowned national pro series precision rifle competitions and continues to expand the PRS Regional Series, which hosts hundreds of one day matches from coast to coast. The International PRS Series is advancing in South Africa and Australia to name a few. The influence of the PRS, with more than 1000 professional level competitors and growing global presence, extends in every conceivable direction inspiring the precision rifle community at its grassroots, hometown level.

Born out of Military, Law Enforcement and Hunting scenarios, the practical application of the precision rifle is the underlying theme for PRS לקנות סיאליס.

Category: General
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