We receive many questions regarding what the Precision Rifle Series is, the various divisions, categories, classifications, memberships, match formats, and match levels.  It is easy to simply point the interested individual to the PRS Website here and say “if you have any questions after reading, let me know”.  But while the PRS site contains a wealth of knowledge on everything related to the organization, and their staff are quick to answer questions, we would like to provide a sort of short-cut to get the basics answered quickly, and support our shooters directly.

Series and Membership

For PRS memberships:

For WPRSC Memberships:

2020 WPRSC Membership

For MPRSC Memberships:

The Precision Rifle Series has the option for shooters to purchase memberships for the different series; this includes the Regional Series, Pro-Series, and AG Cup Series. When a shooter purchases a membership, they are then in competition for an invitation to the finale for the specific series which they are a member. For example, if a shooter purchases a PRS Regional Series Membership, their scores will be tracked against other shooters in their region, which will give them a regional placement. The placement is used to determine who will be invited to the finale. Scores are taken from the three highest matches, one of which must be a qualifier match.
In addition to score tracking, and being a requirement to shoot the PRS Series Finales, a membership will also get shooters exclusive discounts with companies in the firearms industry.
Don’t confuse PRS Memberships with memberships for individual clubs. WPRSC and MPRSC each have the option of purchasing a membership, which along with shooting a minimum of two regular season matches, is a requirement to shoot the WPRSC or MPRSC finales. For both clubs, a membership includes a T-Shirt, and exclusive discounts with industry companies.

Armageddon Gear has teamed up with PRS to bring about a more advanced series, nested into the Pro-Series. There are eight AG Cup “qualifier” designated matches within the Pro-Series.

To participate in the AG Cup Series, a competitor must purchase both a Pro-Series membership, and an AG Cup Series membership erektil dysfunksjon behandling. The competitor will then pay an additional $500 entry fee for the AG Cup qualifier match they wish to shoot. This additional fee goes toward a cash payout for those shooters who bought up when registering for the match. It should be noted that shooters DO NOT have to “buy up” to the AG Cup qualifier to shoot the match. These are standard Pro-Series matches, that have an OPTION to also compete as an AG Cup Qualifier.

Scores taken from the AG Cup series are used to determine who will be invited to the final match in the AG Cup Series- the Armageddon Gear Cup. This match is by invitation only, and entirely cash payout, with tens of thousands of dollars on the line.

The Wisconsin Barrel Maker Classic is an AG Cup Series Qualifier match.

The Pro-Series is the middle-upper segment of the pyramid; these are two day matches, where a majority of shooters are seriously competing for placement.  That does not mean competitors cannot attend simply for fun; many do.  But you will find while everyone is still enjoying themselves, they are approaching the match with a view to win, or place highly rather than just spending time with their friends. These matches, being much larger, are far fewer, and dispersed throughout the country.

Pro-Series matches are much more costly to participate in. Entry fees range from $225-$300, with a round count from 190-230. Being two days, lodging is required unless you’re fortunate enough to live in close proximity to the match in question. It is advised a competitor arrive Friday afternoon to sign in, zero their rifle, and if they wish, and it is offered, verify their data out to distance. Once entry fee, ammunition, food, travel and lodging costs are added up, Pro-Series matches can be pretty costly, especially in comparison to the Regional Series matches.

The title “Pro-Series” can be a bit misleading; anyone may sign up to shoot a Pro-Series match. No prior match experience is required.

The Wisconsin Barrel Maker Classic and Great Lakes PRC are both Pro-Series matches.

The Regional Series is the base of the PRS competition pyramid; it is the club series of PRS.  These are one day matches that often happen on a monthly basis at the same location.  Though there are a fair number of shooters who do take these matches very seriously, the majority are there with very little aspirations to win any significant titles.  These are your grassroots matches with grassroots shooters; getting together for the purpose of improving and completing against themselves, while enjoying time with friends.

Being one day matches, the Regional Series is economical to participate in.  Most matches will be 9-10 stages, with a round count of 110 or less, and entry fees range from $25 to $75.  Often, you may live close enough to a regional series where you can leave early in the morning, shoot the match, and be home by dinner.  It may be advisable to plan lodging for an evening prior arrival if you live more than an hour or two away; this ensures you’re well rested and can fully enjoy the match.

WPRSC, MPRSC, INPRC and ILPPR are all Regional Series clubs, from the Mid-West region.

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