At the end of each season, shooters classes will be recalculated according to the classification bracket percentages based on their end of season pre-finale series score. The shooter will retain this classification for the entire next season and compete within this classification at the Pro Series Finale (if qualified).
Category: Classification

PRS competitors can achieve a classification of either Pro, Semi-Pro, Marksman, or Amateur.

Each class consists of a percentage of the total number of affiliated shooters, based on the end of season standings not including the finale. Pro shooters, for example, will be classified as the top 20% of competitors according to the standings after the last Pro Series match of the season. Competitors within the top 55 -79.9% of shooters, based on these standings will be classified as Semi-Pro and so on.

Category: Classification

Professional – First 20%
Semi-Professional – Next 25%
Marksman – Next 25%
Amateur – Remaining shooters (approx. 30%)
Percentages are broken down from the total number of shooters, based on yearly standings.

The number of shooters included in each class will be rounded up or down to the nearest whole number. Tied shooters who fall into 2 separate classes based on the percentages will be classed up into the higher class. The “classed up shooters” former positions will remain unfilled in the lower class.

Category: Classification

Shooters with no previous year end of season series score will be titled “unclassed” (UNC) for the current season. These “unclassed” shooters will receive a classification prior to finale based on the current season series scores and maybe eligible for entry into the finale.

Category: Classification

Top shooters within each classification will be recognized at each Pro-Series match starting in 2021. They will also be afforded the opportunity to attend the PRS Pro Series finale starting in 2020.

Category: Classification

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