No equipment restrictions except the over-all .30cal and 3200fps limits.
Category: Divisions

Price is limited to $2500 MPRSC for rifle and $2000 MSRP for optic. Rifle is not permitted to be significantly modified, which means it must not have been worked over by a gunsmith, must have the original trigger, stock/chassis, barrel, and all other major parts. Grips, brakes, bottom metal and other accessories are not restricted. For more information, see PRS rules section 3.2 ( köpa priligy.pdf)

Category: Divisions

Restricted to the long standing military and law enforcement cartridges:
.223/5.56mm with projectile weight of 77gr or less and velocity of 3000fps or less ( 30fps environmental consideration).


.308/7.62×51 with a projectile weight of 178gr or less, and velocity of 2800fps or less (28fps environmental & equipment consideration).

Category: Divisions

Identical to Open division, except limited to semi-auto rifles only.

NOTE: A shooter with a semi-auto rifle may choose to compete in any of the bolt gun divisions instead of the Gas Gun Division, so long as they are otherwise qualified for that division.  However, a shooter cannot compete in more than one division in a single match.

Category: Divisions

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