I have no equipment, what should I buy?

If you do not have a rifle or optic, and are looking at buying either/both, be aware that there may be better options in your price range than you would think, from great brands you’ve either never heard of, or never knew were producing precision rifles. Feel free to inquire on the WPRSC and/or MPRSC Facebook groups, and check out “What the joe’s use”:
Optics: https://precisionriflecomponents.com/what-the-joes-use-top-prs-optic-manufacturers-of-2019/
Rifle Actions: https://precisionriflecomponents.com/what-the-joes-use-top-prs-actions-of-2019/

WPRSC and MPRSC also each have a custom demo rifle available to new shooters, if available it may serve to highlight options worth considering on your next rifle.

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