Is my current equipment good enough?

When you’re just starting off in shooting matches, if you have a set-up that will meet the minimum requirements, then yes- it is all good enough. You need to be able to accurately engage targets out to 1000 yards; to do that, you only need a reasonably accurate rifle and ammunition, and a scope with target / tactical turrets, in just about any modern centerfire rifle cartridge.

The primary issue that could make a set-up which otherwise falls into those minimum requirements problematic is lack of a detachable magazine.
You can absolutely shoot a match with an internal magazine, but it will quickly become a point of annoyance since nearly ever stage will exceed your magazine capacity. Ideally, you arrive to a match with at least two 10 round capacity magazines. Lower capacity magazines are fine, but you’ll need spares.

You may outgrow what you have now, but that does not mean what you have now will not serve the purpose while you’re starting out.

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