What are all of these membership options?

The Precision Rifle Series has the option for shooters to purchase memberships for the different series; this includes the Regional Series, Pro-Series, and AG Cup Series. When a shooter purchases a membership, they are then in competition for an invitation to the finale for the specific series which they are a member. For example, if a shooter purchases a PRS Regional Series Membership, their scores will be tracked against other shooters in their region, which will give them a regional placement. The placement is used to determine who will be invited to the finale. Scores are taken from the three highest matches, one of which must be a qualifier match.
In addition to score tracking, and being a requirement to shoot the PRS Series Finales, a membership will also get shooters exclusive discounts with companies in the firearms industry.
Don’t confuse PRS Memberships with memberships for individual clubs. WPRSC and MPRSC each have the option of purchasing a membership, which along with shooting a minimum of two regular season matches, is a requirement to shoot the WPRSC or MPRSC finales. For both clubs, a membership includes a T-Shirt, and exclusive discounts with industry companies.

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