What is the AG Cup Series?

Armageddon Gear has teamed up with PRS to bring about a more advanced series, nested into the Pro-Series. There are eight AG Cup “qualifier” designated matches within the Pro-Series.

To participate in the AG Cup Series, a competitor must purchase both a Pro-Series membership, and an AG Cup Series membership erektil dysfunksjon behandling. The competitor will then pay an additional $500 entry fee for the AG Cup qualifier match they wish to shoot. This additional fee goes toward a cash payout for those shooters who bought up when registering for the match. It should be noted that shooters DO NOT have to “buy up” to the AG Cup qualifier to shoot the match. These are standard Pro-Series matches, that have an OPTION to also compete as an AG Cup Qualifier.

Scores taken from the AG Cup series are used to determine who will be invited to the final match in the AG Cup Series- the Armageddon Gear Cup. This match is by invitation only, and entirely cash payout, with tens of thousands of dollars on the line.

The Wisconsin Barrel Maker Classic is an AG Cup Series Qualifier match.

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