What is the “Pro-Series”?

The Pro-Series is the middle-upper segment of the pyramid; these are two day matches, where a majority of shooters are seriously competing for placement.  That does not mean competitors cannot attend simply for fun; many do.  But you will find while everyone is still enjoying themselves, they are approaching the match with a view to win, or place highly rather than just spending time with their friends. These matches, being much larger, are far fewer, and dispersed throughout the country.

Pro-Series matches are much more costly to participate in. Entry fees range from $225-$300, with a round count from 190-230. Being two days, lodging is required unless you’re fortunate enough to live in close proximity to the match in question. It is advised a competitor arrive Friday afternoon to sign in, zero their rifle, and if they wish, and it is offered, verify their data out to distance. Once entry fee, ammunition, food, travel and lodging costs are added up, Pro-Series matches can be pretty costly, especially in comparison to the Regional Series matches.

The title “Pro-Series” can be a bit misleading; anyone may sign up to shoot a Pro-Series match. No prior match experience is required.

The Wisconsin Barrel Maker Classic and Great Lakes PRC are both Pro-Series matches.

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