What is the “Regional Series”?

The Regional Series is the base of the PRS competition pyramid; it is the club series of PRS.  These are one day matches that often happen on a monthly basis at the same location.  Though there are a fair number of shooters who do take these matches very seriously, the majority are there with very little aspirations to win any significant titles.  These are your grassroots matches with grassroots shooters; getting together for the purpose of improving and completing against themselves, while enjoying time with friends.

Being one day matches, the Regional Series is economical to participate in.  Most matches will be 9-10 stages, with a round count of 110 or less, and entry fees range from $25 to $75.  Often, you may live close enough to a regional series where you can leave early in the morning, shoot the match, and be home by dinner.  It may be advisable to plan lodging for an evening prior arrival if you live more than an hour or two away; this ensures you’re well rested and can fully enjoy the match.

WPRSC, MPRSC, INPRC and ILPPR are all Regional Series clubs, from the Mid-West region.

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