All matches will be held at Highlands Firearms Training Academy. Highlands is located at N3041 W County Road A, Cascade, WI 53011

As you can see in the picture below, please proceed from the Highlands address, East on county Highway F to Mink Creek Rd, turn South, head to Highlands Ln, turn West and proceed to parking areas.  There are three parking areas identified, area 1 will be closer to shooting areas than 2 and 3.

Please follow the above instructions for entry to the range.  Also, please park in designated areas, with the increase in shooter capacity, there will not be room for vehicles to be parked near stages.

Once the match begins, you will not have access to your vehicles. Plan ahead, bring all required shooting gear and/or food and drink with you.


Typical WPRSC match will consist of 80-110 rounds, and 8-12 stages.
Match day schedule, THIS HAS CHANGED as of June 25th:
- 0700 registration begins
- 0730 match briefing
- 0800 shooting begins
- conclude mid-late afternoon


Most matches we'll have food and drink available for purchase.  Upon the conclusion of the match, we'll have awards at the equipment trailer and then an informal gathering at SoLu Winery on-site.

Points at WPRSC will be calculated using the same formula as outlined in the PRS Rule book (top shooter by score receives 100 points, shooters below receive points figured as a percent of their score vs the top shooter).

WPRSC will follow the 2020 PRS Rule Book, some addendums may be made for our specific club and to account for our host range's needs. Any changes will be announced at a later date.  Please familiarize yourself with the rules before competing.

While WPRSC will log scores for the separate divisions for the PRS Regional Series, I cannot promise that any divisional recognition will take place at the club level. It depends on turn-out, and participation for each division.


2021 WPRSC will have a membership available for purchase.  If you want to shoot our year-end finale in September, you will need one. Members also receive the ability to register early for matches ahead of the general public. This membership will discern between a casual shooter and a member shooter.  Benefits of being a member shooter will be a WPRSC shirt (light weight, breathable, and blocks UV rays), WPRSC stickers and the following product discounts:

  • Discounts on MasterPiece Arms products.
  • Discounted barrels and fitments from Bartlein Barrels.
  • Discounted barrels and fitments from Krieger Barrels
  • Discounted barrels and fitments from Pederson Precision (Mullerworks and Rock Creek Barrels)
  • Discounted services at MJ's Gunsmithing
  • $50 off Huber Concept products.
  • 10% off at Swanny's Comp Gear.

Membership funds raised have gone to buying liability insurance first and equipment second.

You DO NOT need a WPRSC or PRS membership for shooting regular season WPRSC matches.