WPRSC22 – September 26th Match Registration is now open!

Please register here: Septembe 26th, 2020


All matches will be held at Highlands Firearms Training Academy. Highlands is located at N3041 W County Road A, Cascade, WI 53011

As you can see in the picture below, please proceed from the Highlands address, East on county Highway F to Mink Creek Rd, turn South, head to Highlands Ln, turn West and proceed to parking areas.  There are three parking areas identified, area 1 will be closer to shooting areas than 2 and 3.  Please verify area 1 is full before filling area 2 and 3.

Please follow the above instructions for entry to the range.  Also, please park in designated areas.  Match registration will be held at the 600 yard line.

Once the match begins, you will not have access to your vehicles. Plan ahead, bring all required shooting gear and/or food and drink with you.


There is a tendency for safety to get more relaxed during rim fire events.  These events are supposed to be used as TRAINING for our WPRSC events, and we will be practicing all aspects of these events.  ESPECIALLY SAFETY.

– Do not load a rifle until RO states “Shooter make ready”

– Chamber flags remain in until RO states “Shooter make ready”

– DO NOT leave the firing line until your magazine is out and chamber flag is in

– Point your rifle in a safe direction at all times

– Keep your finger off of the trigger and out of the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot

– Transitions must be made with Bolt open for bolt action rifles.  For semi auto rifles, shooter must put rifle on SAFE and audibly yell “SAFE” before transitioning

– Report all ND/AD’s to the match director

Match Schedule

All competitions will be the Sunday after center fire matches.

  • WPRSC-22 Match 1 – May 17, 2020
  • WPRSC-22 Match 2 – June 7, 2020
  • WPRSC-22 Match 3 – August 30, 2020
  • WPRSC-22 Finale 4 – September 26, 2020


Typical WPRSC22 match will consist of 80-110 rounds, and 8-12 stages.
Match day schedule:
– 0730 registration begins
– 0800 match briefing
– 0830 shooting begins
– conclude early-mid afternoon


Currently there is no WPRSC22 membership.

You DO NOT need a membership to shoot WPRSC22 competitions.  No WPRSC or PRS membership is needed for shooting WPRSC22 matches.

WPRSC22 Preparation

In order to feel prepared for the WPRSC22 competitions, the following gear is recommended.


– Capable of 1 moa at 50 yards

– Ammunition with velocity between 1000 and 1080 FPS

– Dope chart to 400 yards

– 30 MOA scope base

– Bolt action or semi auto

– Bipod


– 6-24 power

– Adjustable parallax

– Exposed elevation turret

– 24 MILS or 82 MOA of total elevation (Dial + Holdover)


– A bag for stabilizing your rifle during a stage

– Snacks

– Water

– Spotting scope


Upon the conclusion of the match, we’ll have awards at the 600 yard line.

Points at WPRSC22 will be calculated using the same formula as outlined in the PRS Rule book (top shooter by score receives 100 points, shooters below receive points figured as a percent of their score vs the top shooter).

WPRSC22 will follow the 2019 PRS Rule Book, some addendums may be made for our specific club and to account for our host range’s needs. Any changes will be announced at a later date.  Please familiarize yourself with the rules before competing.